Humane Mouse Traps For Pest Control Initiative

Humane mouse traps come in two distinct categories. The first kind simply catches the mouse, while the second kind delivers an electric shock , killing on contact. The modern ‘humane’ mouse trap may be a basic cage with doors that lock shut when the bait inside (placed on a sensitive trigger) is tampered with. But now that you’ve got caught your mouse what are you getting to do with it? The most obvious answer seems to be taking it to the countryside and releasing it. Another solution is your city’s Animal Control Department. In most cities they do offer ‘pest disposal’.

Now, is the electric mouse trap really humane? I can only say that it’s a lot more humane than the old spring traps. These traps are made to work instantly, and are designed so that curious kids and nosy pets are safe from a shock. Most are battery operated and made so that disposal is a hands-off process. So don’t you think it’s time to get rid of that old mouse trap and try something new? While humane mouse traps there’s no doubt that these pests have to go, there’s just no longer any reason at all for them to suffer in the process.

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